XANES STL-01 64 LED 80LM Intelligent Automatic Induction Steel Ring Brake Safety Bicycle Taillight with Infrared Laser Warning Waterproof Night Light USB Charging

  • $ 29.95

Model STL-01
Polymer Lithium Battery, 1200mAh
Lumens 80LM
Lighting Parameters  64 LED Lights 
Infrared Laser Warning Light
Charger USB Charging 3.5h ± 30min
Size 71mm*58mm*30mm
Shock Sensor Model If you forget to turn off the light, after one minuters,it will automatically enter the sleep mode.
And if you riding again, the light will turn on agian

Press to turn the light on.
Seven pics would show up one by one.
Press again to turn on the laser light.
Press once agian to switch it off.