Storm Crystal Glass Weather Forecaster

  • $ 19.95

The Storm Glass Crystal is gorgeously designed and crafted and predicts the weather with surprising accuracy. It is the perfect gift for weather or science buffs!

  • The Storm Glass was first invented in the mid-1700s, and soon made its way onto ships and harbors around Europe to help give warning of approaching bad weather. It gained the most fame through Admiral Fitzroy who used a Storm Glass on the voyage during which he and Darwin traveled to the Galapagos Islands. As such, the instrument is sometimes called a “Fitzroy Storm Glass.”

  • The appearance of the liquid as it transforms from clear to cloudy to crystal flakes predicts if the weather will be clear, cloudy, or filled with thunderstorms.
  • The cool new and modern Storm Glass is a natural way to forecast the weather. The sealed glass container holds a mixture of distilled water and camphor that changes in appearance based on forthcoming weather conditions.
  • Use it to decorate the living room, bedroom or table.
  • The Storm Glass makes a great executive gift.