Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Are you looking for a light show, air purifier, ionizer, and more all in one convenient package? Well this is for you! Our Himalayan salt lamps are a great way to bring about more healing energy into your Sacred Space. Due to a natural process, Himalayan Salt (NaCl) releases negative ions into the air. These negative ions neutralize and eliminate the positive ions in our environment created by our cell phones, televisions, radios, etc. The light within these lamps works with the salt to bring harmony and balance to your home.

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Ancient traditions discovered amazing healing properties of Himalayan salt. Through excavating this precious mineral it was discovered that miraculously, Salt miners were somehow free from all respiratory ailments. After information on this phenomenon was discovered, hospitals were created in salt mines to diagnose and treat asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, and other maladies. Placing Himalayan Salt in your environment can gradually increase the quality of the air you breathe, and over time, exfoliate and purify the airways in the lungs. There are few other natural remedies that can rival the healing powers of Himalayan Salt. 

If your Sanctuary is lacking light, or perhaps you just want to bring more nature into your life, it might be time to work with Himalayan Salt! These specific lamps use a standard US Plug and have an adjustable dimmer, allowing you to control the intensity of the lamp. The dimensions for this product are as follows:

14cm x 14cm x 23cm (5.51in x 5.51in x 9.06in)

Please allow for a 1-3cm margin of error as these lamps are manually measured and crafted by hand!